Tuesday, August 9, 2016

“assume the questions” tag


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so you basically gotta assume the questions based on the answers?? coo coo 

- I’m like 5′3.4589754 or something idek anymore

- it’s in a high bun 

- my eyes are dark brown

- monochrome, on the masculine side, a lot of jersey skirts and dresses

- I learn best on my own cause I haven’t really been an environment that was super engaging lately. I love learning tho minus the judgement and anxiety of grades

- biking at night, watching light hearted funny tv shows, tumblr (ugh), finding new healthy recipes, doing dumb spontaneous shit with friends, reading articles

- how i put off so many things in life out of fear and anxiety and now im playing catch-up. 

- probably running spora full time and making decent money out of it. or being a journalist and content producer at a big magazine/site

- i do see marriage in my future but it’s a bit hazy right now. dont feel too ready. 

- definitely want kids. biological and adopted. 4 would be nice.

- China, Korea, Japan, Sudan, UAE, KSA, 

- I think im my own enemy lol 

- single af 

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