Wednesday, August 10, 2016

bracedup: Today was a little more off for me than usual – just...


Today was a little more off for me than usual – just not feeling my greatest mentally and physically. I didn’t reach any of my daily FitBit goals, so I’m a little bummed. Although, I had a decent workout (burned 440 cals) this morning before heading to work; however, I feel like I’m not challenging my body and mind quite hard enough. I’m thinking that tomorrow I’ll plan to do a more rigorous workout. 

Breakfast: For breakfast, I had two cups of black coffee and this delicious smoothie, which I keep calling tropical fruit smoothie – it has pineapple, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and banana in it… Can you say YUMMMMM times 10!!!!!!  

Morning Snack: When I got into work, I had a banana – surprise, surprise!

Lunch: For lunch, I packed my pineapple and kiwi fruit, along with cucumber slices. Unfortunately, I noticed that the cucumber from our garden tastes very bitter and doesn’t seem to sit well in my stomach. I also enjoyed another juicy nectarine; although, this one wasn’t as sweet and flavorful.

Afternoon Snack: Again, I chowed down on my daily granny smith apple snack. When I left work, I had to stop at CVS to pick something up for my mom and I noticed these Starbucks Refreshers (high in sugar, I KNOW). I was craving some sweetness and it was delicious! The perfect balance of carbonation and refreshment without an overkill on sweetness. It reminded me of a much milder Bud Light’s Strawberitas (without the alcohol content of course). BUT I’m thinking this could make for a bomb mixer, ya know what I mean? 

Dinner: PER USUAL, I made a veggie wrap. This one was slightly different than my usual. I ran out of lettuce, spinach and arugula so I decided to substitute for fresh basil from the garden AND LET ME TELL YA… best decision I’ve ever made! I almost forgot to mention that I drenched this bad boy in some goya hot sauce. 

Dessert? (Not pictured): I had another banana, but I ate it with some natural Skippy’s peanut butter. MMM.. I could actually eat the whole jar in a sitting if someone let me. 

Lastly, I wanted to add that I am a huge, huge, HUGE water drinker. I drank 18 servings of water today! Normally I drink anywhere between 12-16, but today I was extra thirsty. It’s so important that I stay hydrated, especially when going for walks/runs outdoors in this humidity and heat. The only downside to drinking like a fish is that I actually go to the bathroom once every hour or two… No joke. Drink up! Brace up!
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