Thursday, August 11, 2016

Eavesdropping On The Stars

Upon the latter part of the evening, I was feeling very peaceful and decided to step outside to gaze at the stars. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Apparently the stars weren’t aware that I was looking and listening in, because it wasn’t but a few moments later that I was able to eavesdrop on their conversation. I caught them in a moment when they were gossiping, and it was about us.

The larger of the twinkling stars said, “The earthlings on the planet, the third from the sun, are an unfinished adventure. Over the past several thousand years it’s been interesting watching them evolve. Remember when they came up with the idea of "private property” and decided to divide the planet into parcels? Wow, what a nightmare that has become. They continue to slaughter and maim one another in the name of their acquired country and call it “patriotism.” They become even more neurotic about ownership of the planet by building fences and walls everywhere, and living in gated communities.

The smaller of the twinkling stars chimed in, “And though it’s a very guarded way of living, they call it "freedom.” It seems these earthlings have evolved technologically, but they’ve not evolved one centimeter from their cave-man lifestyle when it comes to their outrageous butchery in the name of their boundaries. Yet when they see a lion devour a zebra, they shudder and wail about the cruelty.“

The larger star then added, "They seem to believe that there are not enough natural resources or enough room on the planet for all of them to survive. They further the exasperation by setting boundaries in their minds. They will do to one another whatever it takes to maintain their beliefs. One of the wiser of them, John Steinbeck, I believe, once said, "Man is the only kind of varmint, sets his own trap, baits it, then steps in it.” It seems that they live by habit and inheritance, then constantly step in those traps. Although their eyes are hungry, their ears are thirsty and their hearts are yearning for new answers, they scream, “Leave things alone. Fight not to change them.” Thus their lives remain a baffling puzzle.

A third twinkling star laughingly uttered, “Yet we know that the planet, third from the sun, is far more intelligent than any of its inhabitants including those varmints that set their own traps. For no environment can be less intelligent than its occupants. The planet would never allow a population explosion that it could not sustain. If that were to happen, the planet would resolve the problem quickly, as it did when it rid itself of the dinosaur. I hear these earthlings speak about saving the planet, not knowing that they need never worry about that, but they should be gravely concerned with saving themselves.”

The larger star concluded, “These earthlings, who not only insist that parcels of the planet are theirs exclusively and will harm intruders who don’t agree, also divide themselves into two parts: those who believe in their god and those who don’t. Heaven help those who don’t. With that one trap, a life that could be a delightful journey has become a woeful maze. What misery they lay upon themselves when they slay others in the flesh. Do they not slay themselves in spirit?”

All of a sudden, I think one of the stars noticed me listening in because the chatter stopped. They continued to twinkle but there was no more small talk. Oh well. I went in the house, watched an old rerun of the Seinfeld sitcom and went to bed.

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